Donald Trump Hits the City with Ear-to-Ear Smiles, gets Three-Quarters of an Hour in Charleston, WV, for a Rally to Beat-all-Rallies on May 5th, is Endorsed by of West Va Miners Union, and Sends Out the Word of Potential Victory for him at the November Elections to all his Cheering Friends if they Vote!

Donald Trump came to the Charleston, West Virginia rally, May 5th, after his two contenders gave up on Tuesday, May 3rd, in the primary circuit elections that have occupied the public’s attention for over three months now!

The opposition gave up to Trump! Yes! It true!

So, Trump won the nomination as the Republican nominee to fight for the presidency in the general election in November.

Remember, also, that he held the first place position in the competition since it began in early February, and that’s saying something!

Not surprisingly, the friends who attended the rally were cheerfully boisterous, yet really warm and loving to Trump, as he was to the crowd of 28,000 folks, who were cheering, cheering and cheering!

In his talk, Trump spoke of the loss of fifty percent of coal miners, loss of their pay, and the closing of coal mines in West Virginia and other states, one after the other, as the government’s obsession with killing this energy source grew stronger over the last ten to fifteen year period.

But in the past fifteen years, coal has become an extremely clean energy source.  In fact, now the effluent dumped out of the sky high stacks of power utilities is no longer waste.  It is pure steam.

Yet the administration in Washington, D.C. either doesn’t check on what power plant stacks are putting out, or it just does not care.  If they would check, they would find it is steam, that’s all.

So, hearing that, Trump said enough is enough!  He is going the get all of those coal miners back work and start opening up closed coal mines to full capacity!

Opening the mines is small part to do, but a very large step, in making sure that America is much better than before!

Trump covers the entire list of changes he intends to make as president.

Go to this site to hear Trump the rally in Charleston, West Virginia!


Ron Larsen


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