Donald Trump comes to Omaha, Nebraska for Massive Rally on May 6th, with Thousands of Loyal, Wild, Cheering Fans!

It’s Donald Trump, here in Omaha, Nebraska on May 6th.  Tons of cheering and applause, and genuine love from a crowd of ten of thousands of friend and supporters!

Trump spoke of NAFTA, the trade deal former president Bill Clinton signed during his administration.  For America, an ongoing trade disaster!

Clinton also approved China to the position of favored partner in the World Trade Organization!  Disaster for America, ongoing!

Also, Trump spoke of the $2.9 billion Ford spent to build a huge car, truck and parts center in Mexico.  Disaster, again, for America, and yearly!

Many, many more flat-out, sell-outs of America by the government in Washington and its cronies, the politicians, who never saw a deal they couldn’t a quick million on, and their support groups!

In each of hundred or more cases of companies going overseas to produce the same goods they had once manufactured in America, little or absolutely no tariffs are collects on the these products when they are received here. We made of practice of no-tariffs, it seems!

On the other hand, if we attempted to sell American products from here to the same foreign markets, they were either not accepted or tariff was levied on them that amounted to thirty to forty percent!  What?

What kind of deal is that for America? No deal! Or a losing deal!

Hear and see the rally in Omaha on this website!  You’ve to get it that we cannot lay on a tariff for incoming goods here, but other nations do charge for every bit of product that comes in from good-ol’ America! 

That’s quite a raw deal for Americans, isn’t it!  And who made it?  Foreign of domestic (that is American) dealers!  And it happens often, very often!


Ron Larsen


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