Donald Trump is a Spokane, Washington for a Massive Rally!…Tens of thousand of eager, full-spirited, winning folk, super-glad to be here May 7th!

Trump flew in here by his tell-tail, private jet liner by 11 am local time, happy…no, joyous to be here, and to greet his friends at the rally site…just over-packed with more and more friends!

There must have been twenty-thousand friends, supporters, cheering people!  Wow!

Donald Trump spent a little time talking about Hillary her husband, Bill.  Yep, they are quite a pair!  But he really let the crowd in on a bunch of stories about other people!

It was really terrific rally, and so much was covered!

Go the following site to hear and see the whole, almost hour long show!  You won’t be disappointed!


Ron Larsen


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