Most Likely Tools to Stop Donald Trump from the Wholesale Rebuilding of America to Beyond where it was Before the ‘Agents’ took over!

The opposition, the “agents”, that is the power hungry establishment and followers that has taken over Washington, D.C. and throughout this country, will use any possible means to stop Donald Trump from winning the election in November.

If Trump gets by there in good shape, they will attempt to prevent him from entering White House and beginning the huge set changes he must to right this magnificent country and get it back to the place where we were before they so ruinously took our nation down over ten to fifteen years ago!

This means Trump will have to completely fix all of trade deal so that we win and do not lose on them all, revamp our entire system of veterans’ benefits so get the benefits they deserve instead of trash, and on and on.

If you will go to this site, you will see an analysis by Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report of what kind of interference by the opposition could totally block Donald Trump from actually accomplishing any or all of his tasks.


Ron Larsen


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