Donald Trump interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, Sunday, May 8th, Nebraska, the Entire Status of Campaign!

George Stephanopoulos of This Week, ABC’s regular Sunday AM news report, interviewed Donald Trump, the Republican party’s titular winner of the nomination to president candidate, at Nebraska’s airport to learn of the official status of his campaign.

This is a full interview of Trump lasting 19 plus minutes.

The first question Stephanopoulos asked Trump was what is the story surrounding Paul Ryan, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives.  He asked Trump what was he planning to tell him when they meet on Thursday.

Trump said they had exchanged greetings and Ryan offered his best wishes.  Trump was later informed of Ryan’s not coming out yet to support him, though Ryan is not supporting anyone else.

Ryan says he’s just waiting to get a few thing settled before he makes up his mind.

To that, Trump said he was surprised, and then added that he’ll wait to find out what that was all about.

The rest of the interview was candid, and Trump answered all questions absolutely directly.  It was a very pleasant and yet revealing interview!

Click of this link to see and hear it.  You will really be very glad you did!


Ron Larsen


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