Zika virus Fear is another Fraudulent Medical Hoax and Funding scam!

Mike Adams of Natural News wrote reasons why the Zika virus, taking up a large amount of newsprint questionable authors in all of the major news papers, I might add, is really a fraudulent medical hoax.

It is a funding scam by the vaccine industry to suck in another one or two billion dollars from gullible people, who will rush out and get the shots!

The folks who get the shots will be shouting, “Hurrah, for the vaccines manufacturers”.

But Adams gives ten reasons why he believes the vaccine is a hoax!  That’s impressive and well thought out!

Mike Adams, by the way, has a large, very large research laboratory just filled with sophisticated apparatus design to ferret out fraudulent cures.  He’s had the equipment for several years now, and has made a very large list of items he has tested and found the to be purely bad for the body by perfectly good by the sellers!

Read his article in the June 3 issue of Natural News.


Ron Larsen


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