Bravo! Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux on Sovereignty over Globalism!

Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux discussed this weeks British peoples’ resounding vote, otherwise known as Brexit, that ended the taking of England fully out of domination by the European Union oligarchy!

From now on Britain will not be controlled by nonelected officials of the union, now in Brussels, for taking that huge island kingdom, second only now to the United States and its predecessor, into and out of trade and political positions that should been entirely their own call to action.

Watson and Molyneux were clearly jubilant over the British vote, and predicted that this is the beginning of war for true sovereignty of all nations from the globalist power agenda.

Furthermore, Watson and Molyneux believe that this will signal the demise in the long run of the current rising globalist oppression of nations bent on making their own decisions about their own counties by their selves in this world.

Included in these nations, of course, is the United States.  This president of the US is Barack Obama, who believes that Britain should have voted to stay  in the European Union.  Interesting!

All of this is contained in the report today by Watson and Molyneux.


Ron Larsen


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